About Ryan (By Jennie)


How can I sum Ryan up in a short bio…?

People who know Ryan are aware of the basics- he can literally build, fix, or run pretty much anything, he is an avid hunter, a loyal country music listener, rocks jeans and cowboy boots better than anyone I have ever known, talks with a southern drawl (still trying to figure out where that came from), loves his beer, is one hell of a writer, can belt out a tune, is meticulous about everything, and has an awesome sense of humor that keeps you laughing the entire time you are around him; a true man’s man. He is a man of integrity, gives 100% to everything he does, and is always true to his word. He also happens to be one of the most thoughtful, open-minded, compassionate, and loving people I have ever known and has a smile that makes you weak in the knees (aaaand I just rolled my eyes at myself…I should add he is stubborn at times, could wake the dead with his snoring, doesn’t share food very well, and swallows his gum because “it is just so good”).

He is the only hunter I know who will stop the car so I, a PETA member, can get out to help an animal. The one who gives me butterflies every single time he walks through the door and says, “Hey babe”. Who has the ability to make me smile the moment he catches my eye, and who my ferocious cat adores. The one who fixes things around the house, lets me help change his oil, and even allows me to name, and talk to, all of his “stuffed” animals.  He shares my disturbing sense of humor, my inability to sit still, my love for Tractor Supply, my OCD tendencies & my disdain for the use of ‘LOL’, my obsession with cheese, and has watched my favorite movie, “The Wonderful Whites of West Virginia”, more times than I have. He’s the one who drives over hills just to hear me giggle, surprises me constantly, exchanges appreciations with me every night before bed, and leaves me a notes in the morning. The guy who has turned me into a personal chef, a semi-early riser, and changed my stance on handholding, cuddling, and talking on the phone.

I, like anyone who knows him, can not help but feel fortunate to have him in my life. He has brought out all the best parts of me; I could not ask for a better person to help navigate the next 50+ years along side of.