About Jennie (By Ryan)


13 years ago, I was sitting in the Hall Campus Center at Lynchburg College for the annual sports information meeting. Minding my own business and sitting with the lacrosse team, I see this tall, beautiful, blonde haired girl walk up and stand at the end of my row. Without hesitation, she yells out “Who here is Ryan Walker?” Little did I know, at that very moment, I had just met the love of my life. Looking at us now, it’s hard to believe because we didn’t speak much after that day other than the occasional passing while walking to class. Even though we had some of the same friends, we hardly ran into each other. I guess there is truth in the saying that ‘some things are just meant to be”, because after 13 years, we’re planning the next step of our lives together.

How to describe Jennie; well most of you probably remember the first time you ever met her. She has a tendency to leave a long-lasting impression on anyone she meets, hence the story above. You can never forget her infectious laugh or the gorgeous, wide, smile that accompanies it. Her determination to succeed at whatever she does makes her the hardest working person I know. Whether it’s her school work, her clients, her many hobbies, her obsession with medical knowledge, her animals, her family & friends, or simply making some sort of knick knack as a gift, she never gives up, because giving up is simply not in her vocabulary. Her thoughtfulness can never be unseen, which carries over to the love and support she shows for the people and things she cares about. Her stubborn, hard-headed tendencies show just how true she is to herself and how she’s not afraid to stand up for her beliefs.

As for me, it didn’t take her long to show me what it was like to find true love in my life. I can’t think of a single day that I haven’t look at her and not smiled, because the smile I get every time I see her, the notes I read in my lunch every day, the random gifts that remind her of me, the texts, or simply the “I Love You” I hear throughout the day, are all it takes for me to feel like the luckiest guy in the world. The laughs that we share, which are mostly at her witty and sometimes inappropriate comments, make every day an adventure. Let’s be honest, you never have any idea what is going to come out of her mouth. Regardless of our similarities (love for cheese, cleanliness, inappropriate comments, farms, mountain views, country music, being outdoors, fishing, etc.) or differences (I hunt, she saves animals, she likes to stay up late, I go to bed early, I drink and she rarely does), she has always supported me and been my best friend since day one. Most importantly, her honesty (she had told me everything dating back to 1st grade) and loyalty cannot be matched as shown with the consistency of support, I as well everyone else who means something to her, receive daily.  

Of course, most of you who know me are probably asking yourself where all this is coming from, and the truth is, from the person I’m writing about. She has brought the best out in me, while making me a more genuine person along the way. She has shown me what true love really is, and what it means to have someone you can always count on. I can’t help but smile every time I think about her, and to say that I’m the luckiest man in the world, might just be an understatement.

I cannot wait to become her husband, and continue this journey alongside her, making memories along the way. I could not ask for a better person to spend the rest of my life with.